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IICP commemorate 16 years of fruitful collaboration with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights ++++ Special Consulative status with UNECOSOC


IICP seminars are a form by which wereach out to our target group with adequate information on child, human and peoples’ rights. The reason why we take time, seek funds to organiserecurring seminars is to bring together small groups to discuss issues, focusing on child, human and peoples’ rights protection. Before eachmeeting we send out invitation letters and encourage all participants to actively participate in the discussions. We achieve our objective through the active dialogue with the seminar presenters and formal presentation of study. Nearly all our seminars target groups in the field under discussion and they could be beginners or experts. We hold seminars with the hope that participants will familiarize themselves more extensively with the rules and procedurein child, human and peoples’ rights protection and also to allow them to interact with examples of practical child, human and peoples’ rights issues that always occur during child protection activities and work. After each presentation, discussions follows and questions raised and debate can be conducted. All these takes place in a relatively informal set up.

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