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IICP commemorate 16 years of fruitful collaboration with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights ++++ Special Consulative status with UNECOSOC


IICP is committed to study in child, human and peoples’ rights, which is an expressionof our desire to thoroughlyinvestigate issuesand details surrounding child, human and peoples’ rights abuses. By so doing we learn and deduce the social, historical, political, cultural and ethnic background of the abuses and seek relief in the court of lawwere we consider such abuses as serious child, human and peoples’ rights violations and or join others to lobby for changes that could advance child, human and peoples’ rights promotion and protection at national, sub-regional and international level.
We follow specific steps in conducting our researches; neverthelessnot limited to the following:
• Identification of research problem
• Literature review
• Specifying the purpose of research
• Determine specific research questions
• Specification of a Conceptual framework - we set up the hypotheses
• Chooseour methodology
• Data collection
• Analyzing and interpreting the data
• Reporting and evaluating research
• Communicating the research findings and, possibly, recommendations

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