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IICP commemorate 16 years of fruitful collaboration with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights ++++ Special Consulative status with UNECOSOC

Important achievements

achievement1. Survey and analysis of the social situation and the need of children involvement in the marketplace leading to the first child trafficking offence every recorded in Gambia in 2005
2. Presented concept paper on child trafficking to the Gambia National Assembly leading to insertion of children trafficking heading in the Gambia Children’s Act 2005
3. Serve on the first Task force on human trafficking established by the US Embassy in Banjul 2004
4. Study child begging in the Senegambia region: causes, consequences and policies for addressing the issues.
5. Explicit Children’s rights handbook (book-English version)
6. Explicit Children’s Rights handbook (book-Mandinka version)
7. Under the Circumstance – a child friendly hand book on sorts abuses in Gambia (Book)
8. Human Trafficking Handbook (Book)
9. Human trafficking and Rights Protection (Book-Manuscript ready for printing)
10. Trafficking in Persons Victim protection Training Manual (Book-Manuscript ready)
11. Survey study entitle: Parental Imprisonment and children of Prison Inmates: The Role in Future Rights Protection in Africa
12. Forum on parental imprisonment and children of inmates that review concept paper

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